A little about sheep…

by tuscanyhomeandliving

New arrival

New arrival

In agriculture and building restoration flexibility is important and I have decided to bring some of that flexibility into this blog. So the subject today is not this years olive harvest as previously threatened.

Instead it is the sheep who have been capturing our attention lately. As weeds (or ‘rough grazing’ as I insist on calling it) are something we do well we need to help with keeping them under some control. The deer now prefer our succulent new vineyard to nibbling common weeds.

So it was a choice between the combustion engine or the four hoofed. Combustion engines need driving (tractors) or walking (strimmers) around the weeds, often break down and use lots of diesel (which doesn’t grow in our fields).

Four hooves it was then.

And it needed to be something that appreciated a bit of rough. At which point we had to sort the sheep from the goats….and observing the evil glint in the eye of some goats and considering that they could strip an olive tree quicker than you could say “not much oil this year” sheep it was.



Which brings us to Ercolina and her even younger cousins born over the last few days. Whilst they will take a sly nip at the olive trees as they pass they have mainly been doing good works on our ‘rough grazing’, not to mention lessen the amount of manure we are going to have to spread (less diesel, yippee) in their DIY way.

There are now four farm born lambs gambolling around in addition to the original small flock. Lamb is not going to be on the menu; a little sheeps milk cheese, yes, also rustic spun wool, but lamb no. It would be ungrateful to eat the lawnmower.

Back to olives next time; the oil is delicious.